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The Yirs (Audio-Visual Creator)

What’s Something That Overwhelms You?

I am overwhelmed by the fact of waking up every day and knowing the crisis that my country is going through [from] bad governance and still not being able to do anything for my country.

Seeing the people on the street and being able to help them, I grieved a lot for not being able to help the other people who really need it. One of my desires is to be able to help others.

I also feel a great burden not being able to help my family financially since I have no job and my family needs me too, in short there are many things that overwhelm but I always strive to get ahead with the little I have to get to my objectives.

How do you find inspiration when creating your art?

When creating my content, my greatest inspiration comes from electronic music, electro-pop, future bass, indie-tronica, chill-wave among others. While I listen to this type of music, [I visualize] in my mind [how to frame the scenes] and how [I intend] to carry out that little project.

What Memory Instantly Makes You Smile?

One of the things I enjoy most is the different adventures that I have made in this short period of time [creating] content for YouTube, making videos is my passion and it makes me very happy to meet people who have the same passion as [I have]. That is very gratifying, to be able to share and exchange knowledge with those of your passion I think is the best.

What Makes You Feel Most Empowered?

My perseverance, my encouragement, my desire to learn and my attitude of wanting to be a great person, of being the best in what I do - leads me to be constantly learning and evolving. I want to grow a lot in what I do and for my family to be proud of me.

I know that I am a key piece in my society and that is why I have to do my best, do what others do not, dare [myself ] to new challenges.

And the most important thing that empowers me and gives me more confidence is because I believe in myself because I know I can and I will achieve it.

How Do You Think The World Will Change In 10 Years?

The world is evolving very much thanks to technological advances, every time automation takes over more companies, there will be better technology but less employment opportunity because of the technology that is innovated every day.

Humanity runs the risk of being replaced by robots and it should also be mentioned that at this rate we are going from global pollution and human beings do not realize that the planet can live without us but [we can't without our planet], we are destroying our home and it sadden me so much that we don't open our eyes and instead of counteracting that great damage we make it bigger.

Youth is the future of our countries but the future is TODAY and we have to start doing something for that change to happen.


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