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Basic | Free



- Up to 3 in-depth questions plus 1 question related to business or product. 


- 1 personal photo uploaded


- Promote 1 web or social media link/URL

- Featured person will be required to add link of the interview to social media profile.

Premium | $30.00



- Up to 8 in-depth questions (includes behind-the-scenes and/or brand-related questions)


- Upload 3-5 personal and brand-related photos included


- Promote 3 web and/or social media links/URL


- SEO promotion - Includes 3 organic backlinks to your website or social media links


- 2-month front page promotion on the platform

Business | $50.00



- Up to 12 in-depth questions (includes behind-the-scenes and/or business-related questions)


- Upload 6-10 personal and business-related photos included


- Promote 5 web and/or social media links including contact information. 


- SEO promotion - Includes 5-8  organic backlinks to your website or social media links


- Media-rich content yields more readers and engagement


- 5-months front page promotion on the platform 

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