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If It Were Possible To Colonize Mars In Our Lifetime, Would You Go? Why Or Why Not?

I would only decide to leave this planet if it were irredeemable. If we knew Earth was doomed and needed people to colonize Mars, then I'd put on my proverbial superhero cape and take up the challenge! If the Earth was still in fine shape, I'd probably let other brave sci-fi loving souls venture forth first. I would be too concerned with my loved ones here to leave them and would want to focus on making this world a better place for them.

You've mentioned that you were lucky to work in the field that you are passionate about, what is your message to the people out there who are still struggling to discover what they're passionate about?

My message to those who haven't yet found their passion would be to stay open-minded and try everything. Whether you volunteer, intern, audit a class or shadow a friend whose work you admire, the more types of jobs you expose yourself to the more you'll get an idea about what you may like to do. I'd also start by looking at what you enjoy in your spare time and then think outside the box at what types of careers may be adjacent. For example, if you enjoy video games, you can look at a career in live-streaming, game development, esports production, esports talent management, etc The list goes on and on.

You are truly changing the lives of others for the better by supporting charities through your gaming, do you believe that the gaming industry transcended the stigma from before wherein it is not viewed as a profession or a life-changing medium?

I do believe more and more people take gaming seriously as an art form rather than just a 'child's hobby' like it was so commonly marketed in the 1980s. Now that gamers have grown up, had kids, and set out to create games that tell a more adult story we are seeing a wide variety of games affecting all types of people in many different ways. I'll always jump at the opportunity to join a charity live stream and raise money for a good cause through gaming. It's all around good fun for a good cause and who can say no to that?

What Words Of Wisdom Would You Pass On To Your Childhood Self?

If I could go back in time and give myself any advice, it would undoubtedly be to embrace my uniqueness. As a child I often found myself the butt of jokes and spending time alone because I had different interests then my peers. It was not "cool" to play Dungeons & Dragons or Magic: The Gathering in high school. It was also very odd to be a 6 year old girl obsessed with her Nintendo or PC games like Monkey Island and King's Quest. As I got older, it was precisely these interests that spawned my entire career and the unthinkable happened! The things I was picked on for liking are now mainstream pop culture!

What question would you like to ask your fellow streamers, gamers, or host?

What is the one thing you would say is the hardest part about your job? Would you change it? Why or why not?

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