The Immeasurable Cost of Superficiality

David Pitonyak once said, “Loneliness is the only real disability”. It’s true, humans are wired for connection. We are designed to emotionalize every occurring events as they transpire, fleeting or even permanence, you can rely with the human species to reverse engineer that particular instance. We are the experts of deconstructing trivial matters at a microscopic detail. We develop these flowcharts in our head that are more so a labyrinth than a guide map. Humans are capable of deep thinking, the question is, what cavernous depth each one of us are designed to go? While some can go deeper levels, some are only capable of floating in the surface. Is that by design or by choice? It’s a contentious matter that deserves a humanistic debate rather than a scientific inquiry. 

During these times of instant gratification, superficiality in society became an addiction. There is an enormous amount of noise around us that transient connections with people are rampant and disappearing at a pace akin to the speed of light. We merely dangle and we barely dwell on what matters anymore. Our instincts historically forged through fire, tamed by myriad of noises. Our personal rules of engagement tainted by a worldly distraction meant to always keep us at a state of inattention. Everything is announced to the universe. There’s definite beauty when our life is depicted as poetry in motion but there’s solace when we find the value in being momentarily static. We are bound to be infinitely understanding of each other, the limitations we face are self-imposed. 

The hostility we are experiencing is not a side effect of technology, it’s the adverse effect of our behaviors. The masterpiece of our generations is yet to be inked, no matter what it is, let’s ensure it’s not merely the lack of empathy. Our version of Gutenberg printing press is the canvass of every social media networks or websites, share something worthy of being immortalized. 

The cost of human disconnection is far greater than the anticipated consequences of every technological advancements. We are basically raising kids that are techies and yet are societally-averse more than ever. Similarly, we are tolerating ignorant conservatives with their utter denial of the present times. Now we grapple to the ultimate idea of genuine reconnections as we attempt to disengage from the vortex of cyberspace. Superficiality is subjective in the age of selfies and the likes, every post is a cry for something — that something can be deep or merely a shout out, hey, I do exist and that is okay.

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