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The Faded Art of Sentence Diagramming

Words are mostly spoken and oftentimes written. Words are rarely used to paint a grandiose art, but words matte - the sounds it evokes, intonation, and cadence of its arrangements. A heartwarming reverie that poets crafted and artists alike. Songs were sang, novels inked, and artworks that are expressed. Sentence diagramming is the elegant form of doodling. A technical feat to illustrate why words matter. It's a nostalgic form of art and yet utterly unpopular.

This particular subject often dreaded in the four corners of a classroom, tantamount to cursing at a trigonometry class. Why? It looks intimidating with the way the lines are structured and how the words seemingly put, the words don't feel like they're at home. The truth is, the framing of it is quite simple, it deconstructs a sentence to it's very core. More-so, as hues detail every artist's paintings.

Grammar is a critical subject in school such as Mathematics and other sciences, especially in the digital age wherein everyone seems to fixate on shortening and abbreviating lexicons. The creators of sentence diagramming argued that students can have a deeper understand of writing if they can see the underlying structure. However, a lot of educators railed against this as a hinder to learning — they argued that it complicates the process, but sentence diagramming deconstructs a sentence akin to an engineering feat. Yet, this is a masterclass for visual learners, such as when a painter ensures that within the first few strokes that the art conveys an emotion, a writer strives to have the first sentence of a novel quite engaging.

Burns Florey and other experts argued it might still be an effective tool for “When you’re learning to write well, it helps to understand what the sentence is doing and why it’s doing it and how you can improve it.” In addition to, They didn’t teach sentence diagramming in public school, it’s mostly introduced in the Catholic schools. Here’s an example:


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