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The Art of Meaningful Interactions

Social media has proliferated our yearning to gratify through likes and emojis. The quantity of interactions has lurched a thousand fold but the quality dived down the trenches — deep down the Marianas.

Deep down the Marianas trenches of linguistic hell, the cavern of lost languages such as Latin or poetry for that matter. Word on books are barely ruminated and emojis on screen are gaining momentous revelry. Writing fiction merely forgotten for a barrage of forgettable emoticons. Such as life in the 21st century, contemporary living. Romanticism through evoking words is a constellation of aphrodisiac. It’s madly. It’s insane. It’s a lost, chivalric art for modern men who are mostly reduced to slangs and colloquial phenoms. Interaction went to the deepest of points at risk of a generational lost that is unsalvageable.

Social interaction is the hallmark of our civilization, it brought about technological achievements, architectural wonders, and philosophical concepts that transcends across generations. It has waned and morphed to an incomprehensible mess due to our fixation to bubblehead cartoons, gone are the days of coffee-soaked letters of affection, of apologies, of heartfelt adoration. These innovations in reaching far-flung relationships are cutting-edge, unlike the typical snail mail despite the popularization of one-day shipping.

How do we fix this? By embracing technological advancements that move humanity forward, not set it back, and eliminate culture-destructive technologies. The question is, how do you eliminate such nuisance products or services? When everything is ad-driven or subscription-driven, you can definitely vote with your attention and money by stopping to use apps/services that do not serve you well such as selling your private data, tracking your every movement, and unauthorized surveillance for profiteering. Your attention matters.


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