Social Media And Its Life-changing Impact on Autism

Social networks dramatically made it accessible for all walks of life to connect and interact - may it be a double edge sword of the modern society. Without a doubt, Social Media became the GPS for people with Autism in navigating the world around them. 

Most commonly known for being introverted and anti-social, quite often misunderstood and yet the ever social of all.

People with autism has their world opened wide beyond the corners of the wall they often resort when an immense feeling of being lost is felt. 

Social media removed geographical boundaries and made it easy to say "Hello" with a simple tap of an emoji. Yes, simple and yet ever remarkably, life-changing for a person struggling to utter a two-syllable greeting.

Helping them build a community with a single tap on the screen - it seems archaic now, merely an ignored routine but for people with autism, who struggles making connections, it's a monumental leap in confidence. 

When radical constructs of society choose to weaponize social media platforms, it is critical for us to highlights the life-changing ways it has improved the live's of others. As the saying goes, "You can't fight hate with hate." More than ever, raw and real stories of passion, creativity, togetherness should be highlighted.

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