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Salma Amahzoune (Entrepreneur/Petrolhead)

What’s your philosophy in life?

Do what makes you happy and keep your faith in god ! What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?

I don't talk much , so people usually think I'm arrogant or I don't like them.

A genie granted you 3 wishes right now, what would you wish for? •Going back in time •I wish I could see my dad one more time •Eating as much as I want without gaining a gram!

How are you coping during this pandemic? Well I’m trying to stay positive and take it day by day , I am very grateful for being healthy and together with my loved ones , as unfortunately many people didn’t get this chance. For me I’ve been spending this confinement in our family farm so lots of fresh air and ingredients , just living the simple life , and admiring nature . I think everyone should take this period to become the best versions of themselves and value so many things that were usually taken for granted before . Humanity needed a wake up call and that’s the only way I can label these challenging times , so let’s make the best out of it and hopefully come out from this pandemic stronger than ever.

More About Myself..

For me lifestyle is the way I choose to lead my existence , trying to apply my principles and values all throughout - which is what distinguishes me as an unique individual, it’s essential for me to find the right balance between my mental, physical, and spiritual health. Achieving that demands being comfortable in my own skin, taking care of my body by working out, and sustaining my connection with God who has truly blessed me and to whom I am so grateful for all the amazing things in my life.

It doesn’t all come down to this equilibrium , having a passion is what keeps me going. When I start to loose motivation to achieving my short, medium, or long term goals, I tend find my escape through the outdoors , I feed my soul by traveling which allows me to live different experiences and discovering wonderful new cultures . I love hunting which has been in my family traditions for years as it brings everyone together, sharing the same excitement and spending quality time. Enjoying this activity in the wild, open, nature which in itself liberates our spirits and helps develops our resistance.

But my biggest obsession is cars, I find it so fulfilling to be driving a rare vehicle with such a powerful engine that allows me to feel so connected to the machine and creates a special bond that fuels my ambition. Although I’ve always been curious to discover and learn more about the automotive universe , but being exposed to it and participating in so many professional events was definitely new and challenging for me as after all it is a male territory.

It made me realize that when your devotion is real , there are no boundaries for you to excel in any given field as it emerges from so deeply within that its almost unstoppable. Nevertheless having a passion and not being productive is not even an option. When it comes to business the first step is a solid degree which in my case is nearly complete. Being creative and perseverance is fundamental to reach my dreams. Nowadays technology has made it so easy for everyone to seek unlimited information and develop one's self , but i would say that when pursuing your goals your aim is to abide one specific term: consistency.

As I was once told, "Consistently good is infinitely better than inconsistently perfect."


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