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Rhea Jones (Singer/Songwriter)

Where does your self-worth come from?

I think before you can really respect yourself you have to really know yourself. Something I have really prioritized is taking the time to build a healthy relationship with myself. I often take myself out to dinner, on a walk, or out to do something. Although this seems like an unusual thing to do, people take the time to get to know other people so why not take the time to develop the most important relationship of them all… the one with yourself. Doing this has helped me love myself as well as understand how much I am worth.

Where do you find meaning in your life?

I find meaning in life by songwriting. My goal always has and always will be changing the world. That’s a big goal for a little girl but I'm sticking to it. Personally I believe that music is the number one way to accomplish this. If you can put a powerful message into something that's catchy and easy for people to connect with then you can have a huge impact on people's thoughts and decisions. That is why I love song writing, because it has and will help me reach my goal.

What do you attribute the biggest successes in your life to? How about your biggest failures?

Myself & Myself! Although I’ve definitely had a lot of support and help from lots of incredible people I think you always have to hold yourself accountable for the good things and the bad things that you do.

Do people in wealthier countries have a moral obligation to help those in poorer countries?

I think if your in a position to help somebody you should always take that opportunity. I think we need to realize that we are all people. We all need help in different ways. If someone needs financial support, help them. If someone needs emotional support, help them. The better you are to the world, the better the world is to you.

What are you currently worried about?

THE ENVIRONMENT!!!! I have always felt very connected to the earth and want to do my best to help the earth out as much as it has helped us. It’s basic knowledge to treat others with respect and I think it’s time we start applying this to Mother Nature as well.

Instagram: @rheajoness


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