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Reaching for a Lost Star (Poem)

Where are the stars?

Still looking up in the vast universe

No one knows where I am

I gaze down, while I sing this verse

Heart and souls took over the night

While I cling to the far past.

The world is a beautiful chaos

The cadence lies with the passionate

We hold on as the heavens promise

Still standing amidst the dark premise

The chords are humming faint emotions

As we fade into the Milky Way

The night’s darkness is a devotion

And we search for the lighted pathway

My destiny is my childhood dreams

But princesses and fate intervenes

Now I seek for the old, unlit road

And realizing that fireflies glowed

Now that I’ve arrived, the world’s gone

But the universe is within me

Living begins as the pain’s foregone

And the black hole’s gravity is free


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