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Morgan Barrie (Musician)

If You Could Ask A Single Person One Question, And They Had To Answer

Truthfully, Who And What Would You Ask?

Justin Trudeau – what happened? You had the world behind you.

What’s Something That Overwhelms You?

Our capitalistic, consumer culture. It’s crazy to think that we are driving this big

machine that is killing and harming everything we love and care for. The system

is heavily flawed. I am deep in it, helping turn the cogs that move the wheels, but

I am aware.

What Do You Take For Granted?

My Wife. She is solid. I am sure I don’t tell her enough how much I appreciate

her. I can say with confidence, our relationship is void of holding each other back

from our dreams as individuals. It’s difficult for people outside of our home to

understand that. I need to be better at letting her know how much I value what

we have.

How do you find inspiration when creating your art?

I find inspirations in all facets of life… as a father looking into my daughter’s

future, through my love for being outdoors in the mountains and on the water,

and when creating and developing my skills in the studio. I enjoy spending time

alone, which gives me time to reflect on my experiences and construct something

that I can be proud of.

How do you promote discoverability of your art that is forged by hard work and


As a solo indie artist you have to be able to wear many hats beyond what

happens in the studio. I am a promoter, booking agent, graphic designer, grant

writer, the list goes on and on. The job is only half way done once the wax is cut.

You can’t just record an album and expect it to be heard, because you think it’s

great. With regard to promoting my music, everything I do has purpose and

nothing is left to chance.

From live shows to music videos, interviews, etc... I try and connect and find my people, and have that open conversation that I think we

all want to have. If you put your all into your art, people take notice, maybe get

inspired, and naturally want to help share it. I have found that it’s important to

have a crew of like minded people in your court. I am very fortunate to have an

amazing team around me that donate their skills to help make things happen.

What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge In Life, And How Did You Overcome It?

Believing in myself. I think I just got sick of living in fear and not following my

dreams, life was happening and I was watching it go by. Things changed for me

when I committed to design and build a cabin from the ground up. I couldn’t

swing a hammer or read a tape measure when I started. I worked relentlessly to

hone my skills, learn about codes and home design, and save money to buy and

build on the land. It was an invaluable lesson on taking action and being in

control of my life. I just got after it, and persevered, when the odds were stacked

against me. That is pretty powerful.

In what way is your art personal and true to yourself?

My goal is always to make music that I would want to hear. I am in a place

where I don’t have to try and write a “hit” to earn a living. That leaves the door

open for me to experiment and write the music I want to write.

What Memory Instantly Makes You Smile?

This is an easy one. The birth of my daughter. It also makes me cry some

times, on many different levels – lol.

What Makes You Feel Most Empowered

When I pursue the things in life that I want, regardless of what other people think

or say. There is nothing better in life then following your own path and doing

what you love to do.

How Do You Think The World Will Change In 10 Years?

I feel like this is the last stand of the ignorant and closed minded. It appears that

we are at the edge of either something great or something not so great. I have

faith in humanity. I sense that there is a growing global social consciousness

that we are in dire need of change for the better. I think the world can and will

start to heal, and my little girl will have a great opportunity to help get us back on



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