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Mohammad Zain (Youtuber/Photographer)

1. What’s Your Fondest Childhood Memory?

The fondest memory of my childhood must be falling asleep in any corner of the house while playing and waking up on the bed. Thank you, dear mom.

2. Would You Rather Explore A New Planet, Or The Deepest Parts Of The Ocean? Why?

If in my lifetime I get an opportunity to explore the deep oceans, I am definitely up for that adventure. I used to watch the documentaries on deep ocean explorations and dreaming about finding new species down there. 

3. Your photography explores societal themes that are crucial in capturing the reality of our world today, what inspired you to do this?

If we look around us, majority of humans spend so much energy in criticizing the bigger society, in one way or the other way. Actually, we should focus on what we can positively contribute to the society.

I've captured societal themes and experiences through my lenses because I'm merely trying to give the society-at-large what I can.

4. What's the most beautiful thing or moment have you captured so far?

Till date there are two of the most beautiful moments I've captured: The first one took place in an auto show in my city and oh my gosh for the first time I saw my dream bike there and luckily I was able to get some shots of her beautiful eyes. The second one took place recently, photographing children in an orphanage and not only capturing their moments but working with them as well.

5. If You Had To Choose To Live Without One Of Your Five Senses, Which One Would You Give Up?

I've never thought of this before and questions like these allows us to realize how blessed we all are.

I think I wouldn't be ready at any cost to give up any of these senses.


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