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Micaela, 22

1. What does it mean to live a good life? I believe that living a good life means finding your unique purpose in this world and finding a way to live in that eery day. If you can build a life where, no matter how big or small, you are living where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet, you will live a good life.

2. What should be the goal of humanity? I think the goal of humanity should be to live life in such a way that you, everyone around you, and after you can experience life to its absolute full potential. This might look like being a doctor who chose to practice medicine in the best interest of patients rather than the pharmaceutical companies, or being a teacher who ensures that as many children as possible have access to the education they deserve, being a politician who helps to protect the Earth and passes laws to keep it clean for future generations, or a mother  or father who provides their children with a stable and loving environment to grow and chase their dreams. Our goal should live and leave this life better than how it was when we got here.

3. If someone you loved was killed in front of you, but someone created a copy of them that was perfect right down to the atomic level, would they be the same person and would you love them just as much? If the person I loved was killed and replaced with a perfect version of themselves, it would not be the same to me. I’m sure I would still love them, but I wouldn’t prefer this new version over the old. I think that without the human imperfection, we aren’t able to experience real love. Real love comes with the risk. The vulnerability that lives within true love says, “I know your imperfect, and that your imperfections have the potential to hurt me deeply, but I choose to trust you, to open my heart, and love you anyway.” Without that risk, love wouldn’t have the same depth to its significance. It would be easy. And nothing worth having comes easy.

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