Mental Health In Youth Should Be Our Topmost Priority

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are destroying the youth’s emotional intelligence, disabling them from making meaningful connections to the community and most critically, to themselves.

Social media has dramatically innovated the way we communicate with people, it has also in ten-folds assimilated the fabric of the youth. It accomplished this in devilish ways by selling your private data, promoting fake and unreal lives, and projecting an alternate world making it seems like it’s the reality. Now, the world is at a crossroad between shattering harsh traditionalist’s agendas and exuberant liberalism that is, if not, likewise destructive.

The digital age has been the single and foremost achievement since the Renaissance era and it has also been mankind’s colossal mistake as there is no bridge between technology and humanism, the ultimate invention destroyed the latter. We advance our ways of life but we also forgot the true essence of living, and that is innate human interaction at a basic level. The struggle is that we are cultivating future adults with no regard for humanism, socialism, and culture. It is imperative to develop a new generation with a feel for liberal arts on top of their proficiency in the contemporary ways. The renaissance should be revived and our youth should be building the modern version of the Cathedral of the Archangel instead of replicating the smile of Mona Lisa. Copernicus explored the universe despite being grounded, we should dare to do more or our era is an unfathomable embarrassment.

Social media platforms are work of art created by engineers through thousand of codes and yet it liberated the wrong ones, the wrong kind, the battle that is always lost. These platforms have launched a thousand ships to sail through our way of life and purge it, they did it with smooth seas. Their executives has pocketed advertising money that is a psychological suicide engrained with every likes and shares. It’s a nuclear weapon masked in emojis, and the scary part is that instead of a locked briefcase, weaponizing it is at the hands of every one.

The youth are at a junction of this transition from everything analog to all-out automation. A digital world that identity is futile but it’s what matters the most because almost every one is an alter ego. Every one living an alias that has overlapped their own reality without them realizing. The youth nowadays are at a crossroad of forgetting the naturalistic ways of living and these platforms assimilated the youth’s ability to seek for answers through experiential learning and replaced it with tap, tap, tap.

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