Maya Nujaim (Pianist)

What Do You Think That Two People Must Have In Common To Connect With Each Other?

I think that to connect, it’s important that two people are at a similar stage in their lives and have common goals. This way, they can help each other to grow and they can connect through their desire to reach the next stage together. I think all human beings have some things in common and the potential to connect, but not everyone connects at the same level. Chemistry is good, but compatibility is even better; when two people are at a similar place in their lives, I think it’s easier to trust one another and make a team to reach common goals.

People also connect by having similar interests (for example if they like the same music), similar points of view, values and same humor. However, I feel like when two people have similar goals and are at the same stage in their lives it can be easier to connect!

What’s The One Piece Of Advice You Would Give Others About Life?

There are too many I would like to give! Just one? I would say to not take life too seriously…No one really knows what we are doing on this earth and why we are here. Humans have the power to think and the habit to overthink, the power to act and the habit to overreact. Let’s just enjoy this adventure! Keep it simple and do whatever makes you feel good right now (without exaggerating of course).

We all have responsibilities, tasks to accomplish and a future to ensure, but there are so many ways we can make life fun! Put some music on, spend time with your friends and most importantly, take the time to appreciate the small things. Events don’t make your life, it’s the way you perceive these events that makes your life. So, whether you are at work or at Walt Disney, don’t take yourself too seriously and try to make the best out of each little moment!

What will make the world a better place?

If everyone was a little bit more conscious of their impact on the environment and made small changes in their lifestyles, I think we could slow down the process of climate change!

Now, with the coronavirus, there is already some positive change that is helping our planet. Since we have to stay home, less airplanes and cars are being used for example. I know it wouldn’t be realistic to stop using airplanes and cars on a daily basis, but what we can do is get informed on what we can do to help our planet by making small changes (ex: buying less products that requires plastic use).

Do you remember how you felt at your first piano concert in 2007?

I remember that during my first piano concerts I was not really nervous compared to the next ones. This might seem weird, but it’s because in 2007 I was only 7 years old so I think I was not so self-conscious yet and I did not worry so much about what others would think of me nor about making mistakes! Also, I had already done several dance shows before (I started taking dance classes at 3 years old) and I always loved performing, so it was an exciting event for me!

(Maya playing Canon in D by Pachelbel)

How is it like to play music in front of people at the Montreal airport?

Playing at the Montreal airport is very exciting! The first time I played there I was nervous because there were a lot of people. At first, I was really hesitating to go and play on that piano, but honestly, every time I see a piano in public I have that urge to go and play on it! So that’s what I did, and it really made me feel accomplished to share music with everyone at the airport! I think it allows everyone to connect in a very unique way and it’s a language everyone understands around the world! When I played at the Montreal airport, a guy passed by me and gave me 2$ telling me “you rock”, which just made my day! (Not the 2$, but his comment!) After playing, I went on the plane and couldn’t stop smiling because I felt fulfilled and more than happy to have shared my music with people!

When and how did you realize your passion for music?

I started realizing how much I loved music during my teenage years. I started playing popular songs on the piano (the first one I learned was Perfect by Hedley, with a YouTube tutorial in 2012). Then, I started posting piano covers on Facebook once in a while and saw people liked what I was doing! I think sharing my music with people made me like playing piano even more. I stopped taking piano lessons after 10 years (I was 17 years old), but I didn’t want to lose the skills I learned so I kept on playing for fun and learned new songs.

Then, playing piano really became a passion for me! It was my hobby and I play almost every day now.

Where Do You Find Meaning In Your Life?

I find meaning in my life when I can have an impact on people and make them feel good. Whether it is through my music, by getting involved in organizations that promote good health and well-being or simply by caring and listening to people. I feel alive when I am on a stage, when I perform or speak in front of people, but I find it even more meaningful when my performance/leadership can help someone go through a difficult phase in their life or even if it can just make them feel happy or inspired for a moment!

Amidst the global pandemic, how are you coping?

I play the piano a lot and share my music with people through my platforms. In addition to doing piano covers, I started making piano tutorials on YouTube and I go live on my Instagram once in a while, I love to play for people and interact with them! Also, I take walks every day, go on bike rides and try to enjoy the sun by studying outside. To keep in touch with my friends, we do video calls every day and I try to entertain myself with my family by doing puzzles. We are doing what we can with what we have and try to make the best out of this situation!

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