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Mark Borino (Songwriter/Producer)

What Role Does Music Play In Culture?

I believe music plays a massive role in today’s culture. I feel that it really dictates what’s “popular” and “not popular” you know. Small example, a massive artist could rock a certain style or brand in a video or have a specific line in a song shouting it out and now all of a sudden, it becomes one of the most popular brands out there and everyone is wearing it. Something as small as that, has such a strong influence on people.

Music is everywhere. To imagine a world without music would be really tough.

Are People Better At Creating Things, Or Destroying Things?

I’m going to go with creating things. As destructive as people can be at time, so much good has come from people coming to together and creating things to move the world in a better direction.

If You Had To Sum Up Human Nature In 3 Words, Which Would You Choose?

Curious. Creative. Progressive.

What Will Be Most Important To You In 10 Years?

My health so I can keep doing what I love to the best of my ability which will lead me to continue to help others and make sure my family and friends are good.

Have You Ever Lost Something Important To You?

I honestly can think of anything important that I’ve lost! Everything that’s important to me is here with me.

What Do You Do To Make Other People Happy?

Be the best version of myself that I can be and create more music for people to enjoy. I feel like that’s my service to people. Create and give.

Do You Worry About Your Work?

I used to a lot actually but not anymore. Throughout the years navigating the music business, I’ve come to realize that there is so much that is out of your control that you can’t dwell or wait around. The things you can control are how much time you put into your craft and how hard you work when you’re in the studio. The rest will fall into place the way it’s meant too.

How do you stand out as an artist in today's time?

I think my production and vocal style of singing/melodies has it’s own sound which helps separate me. I’ve been working on music, figuring myself out for about 8+ years. Just when I think I’ve figured it out, something else comes along that teaches me more about myself and creating.

What's so special about rhythmic sounds that can conjure up so many deep emotions?

I guess you can say anything rhythmic feels natural and has a type of groove that can either make us feel lifted in good spirits or comfort us when were down and out. Especially chords in the minor scale. They resonate at a frequency that portrays deep emotion without saying a word which is really incredible how certain sounds effect people. Major chords tend to bring out happiness and minor chords tend to bring out more emotion that is has to do with sadness, anxiety, loneliness. Yet, when we listen to a sad song when were sad, we’re some brought to ease. Like I said before, music is a powerful force.

Imagine a world without music, how does it look and feel?


"Self Made Originals" Playlist:


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