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Mallory Green (Marketing)

Tell us a little about your story and the story world you've created.

‘Bright Lights’ is set in the 1960’s, and tells the story of Revel Pierce, a talented young actress who makes it big on Broadway.

She soon discovers that performing while maintaining a social image is hard enough as it is, and succumbs to partying, drugs, and surface-level relationships. She then starts to lose connection with her best friends, family members, and herself.

She must find it within herself to look in the mirror and accept her flaws or else she’ll risk losing those closest to her.

How did you go about developing the setting(s) for this story?

I just had an idea one night and went with it. It took me only two nights to write my short story ‘Bright Lights’.

What do you hope readers will take away from this story?

I hope they’ll find a little piece of themselves in Rev and understand her character development and flaws.

As a young adult, we’ve all thrown ourselves in treacherous or stupid situations where we’ve had to make a decision to get out of it.

I hope that readers will reflect on their own lives and see that we’ve all come a long way or have learned from our past and our mistakes.

What is your writing process like?

I am a panster and fly by the seat of my pants when I write…I’m not much of a planner!

What aspects of your creative process do you enjoy most? Which are most challenging?

The creative process that I enjoy most is having the freedom to write about whatever I want, and not feeling like I have to write about something that I don’t necessarily want to add into my story. Finding the time to write is what I challenge with the most!

What is the most valuable life lesson you learned from your parents?

Focus on your foundation and yourself first; you cannot give to your spouse or your children or friends until your needs are met. It’s impossible to pour from an empty cup.

How did the pandemic affect your life or your family's life?

We chose to have the kids at home instead of daycare (even before the pandemic), and I started my own company late last year, so things became a lot more hectic! So finding the time to do all the things just became a lot more challenging.

How have you changed in the last five years?

I have become a lot more self confident and established in my personal life and professional life. Now that I’m married with a family, I have to think about not just me, but three other people, and that has definitely changed my perspective on work, hobbies, and my career path.

What is your number one goal for the next six months?

Become a published author!

If you could take a single photograph of your life, what would it look like?


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