Maja (Video Creator)

What is your current state of mind?

My current state of mind is like being in the eye of a storm, it seems calm but you know that at any moment life is going to throw something major my way.

With three young kids, homeschooling and our YouTube business it feels like we’re caught up in a hurricane. Life is spinning at a few miles a minute and there’s always something to deal with. 

But I wouldn’t change it for the world! The experiences we’ve managed to have because of our YouTube business are so unique; and spending our days with our kids is such a huge gift!

What life-altering moment or event should every human ideally get to experience at least once in their lives?

I really believe traveling should be mandatory for young adults; right after high school being forced to travel somewhere you’ve never been on a limited budget.

Traveling is so eye-opening and it teaches a person so much about the world but also about themselves. Being forced to navigate situations that are completely outside of a day to day comfort zone can help prepare people for adult life. I think traveling alone also teaches empathy, gratitude and so many life lessons you can’t otherwise replicate.

Life is a magnificent web of dreams vs reality and aspirations vs expectations, the chaos has cadence even if sometimes it demands to be explained. How do you live life to the fullest when it is also vulnerably fragile?

I’ve been told over and over through life that I am a complete dreamer, and I often struggle living in the now. Having kids really woke me up to the vulnerability of life and really soaking in every moment.

One thing I really try and focus on is gratitude. Being grateful for the mundane day to day moments, as well as the wild adventures and fun moments is so important to me. There can be so much magic in everyday, and I often miss it when I focus on my dreams and aspirations.

Focusing on daily gratitude helps keep my feet planted in enjoying life.

Kids also really adjust your expectations, I usually set the bar so high and my kids know when I need to be brought back down. It’s not always pleasant to have to adjust to reality, but again having appreciation and gratitude allow me to enjoy these messy chaotic moments.

The world is always revolving with billions of neurons firing at a rapid pace among its inhabitants, everyone is distracted or merely daydreaming. Being at the center and given a podium at center of the world, you are granted 30-seconds to talk to every living person on Earth, all will listen and put to heart what they hear from you. What will be your message?

My message to the world would be to choose kindness and respect above all else. 

Imagine the world problems we could solve if we put respect for each other and kindness towards our fellow humans as our first priority.

Our golden rule at home is treat everyone with respect and kindness, and I really hope I can raise kids who make a positive impact on this world.

Youtube: Urban Beachbum

Instagram: @urbanbeachbum, @kidstoysplay, @pineapple.playhouse

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