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Kelly De La Creme (Social Media Content Creator & Freelancer)

What is the best way for a person to attain happiness?

Following your excitement everyday. Listen to what your heart & intuition are telling you and do it. Maybe it's simply making a cup of coffee in the morning, or spontaneously going on a road trip. Follow your excitement & don't let fear stop you.

You've mentioned in one of your Instagram posts that "Self-care is a transformative part of your life." Do you think that self-care should be taught in school among other essential life skills?

Yes, I believe schools should teach many more skills to prepare students for adulthood such as finances. Self-care ideas can be taught to students but more importantly, students should be taught that it is OKAY to spend time with yourself and develop a better relationship with yourself.

Your relationship with yourself is so important for your own self-esteem & your relationships with others too.

If this was a lifestyle instilled in all young people it would make a huge difference in the world. It's okay to slow down & not always be caught up in the daily to-dos. Stress is so harmful for our health, it's important to relieve stress the best we can.

What is the best way to train people to see the gradients in the world around them instead of just a simplistic “this is good, that is wrong” view of the world?

With compassion & Love.

We can understand all people and situations by seeing things through a loving and compassionate heart.

What makes "Mondays" such a decisive day for people? for some it signifies a brand new start, a fresh one, while for some it can be quite dreadful. How do you treat your "Mondays"?

I treat Monday's like any other day of the week - I work on what ever needs to be worked on that day & spend time doing whatever feels exciting. And I do it all in whatever order feels best that day. That is all by design. Fortunately, I realized years ago that time freedom is really important to me & I worked to setup a lifestyle with lots of time freedom. I don't believe in having a Mon-Fri work schedule plus a typical weekend. I don't believe in molding my life to fit a man-made social structure. I don't feel like I have weekdays or weekends, every day just is what it is. Every day is a beautiful miracle with endless exciting possibilities & I enjoy living life through that belief.

How has social media changed the landscape in promoting one’s self and their personal brand? How does your business differentiates from others in the space?

Social Media has made it possible for anyone to promote their business, thoughts or creations & it's possible for ANYONE to have a personal brand. I don't know exactly what makes my social media business different as I don't like to compare myself to others, but I do know that it is true to me, which makes it different from others by default. Every business is different because it's someone else's ideas and creations. And different people will be drawn to different types of energies. I put out my truth and what I'm learning, & by putting out my energy it brings in women who feel aligned with that energy too. I love helping, teaching & inspiring women to follow their dreams & it's amazing that social media makes that possible.

Where do you think is the most worthwhile place to find meaning in life?

From within. The more you dive into your own soul, heart & inner-self, the more meaning you will find. I also think gratitude always helps you see meaning in life & puts everything into perspective.

In your opinion, what’s the difference between justice and revenge?

I think it depends on the intention. If your intention isn't truly from a place of Love & Compassion then it's probably revenge not justice.

What role does promoting empathy and authenticity plays in connecting businesses especially traditional ones to new customers?

I think empathy and authenticity are absolutely crucial for businesses these days and are only continuing to grow more & more in importance.

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