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Jennie, 34 (Artist)

1.  What is your current state of mind? A state of clarity. I spent many years using my creativity strictly to supply an income. The beginning of this last year afforded me the opportunity to make art purely for the sake of it. I still don’t know if I fully resonate as an artist or what I believe an artist is but I know I love to visually tell a story. It has been freeing and in turn, I think I am producing higher quality work than I ever have before. 

2. What do you consider as your greatest achievement? The birth of my son and more importantly the years after that I didn’t completely lose my identity as a person outside of being a mom. I didn’t think much about it before he was born but as a mother, you are all consumed with feeding and caring for a child that it can be very easy to let your needs and dreams slip by for a period of time. You are overwhelmed with love for this small being that wanting anything for yourself can make you feel tremendously guilty. I made it a priority this last year to be 100% present the days I’m with my 3-year-old son but the days he goes to school are for me. I use that time to go in my home studio to create. It took a while to adjust to this schedule as sometimes I didn’t feel in the creative mood on those specific days but with time I have found ways to make the most of it. I have felt so creative and inspired and I love that my son gets to see that I have a life and a craft that I love. 

3. If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be? and why? I think I could be pretty content if I was reincarnated to be a dining table in a loving home. Specifically a solid white oak one with years of wear. Imagine the stories you would hear every meal and the laughter and conversations with the groups gathered around it. Even the occasional family bickering. I grew up in a very small family as an only child and we never ate dinner together. My greatest memories growing up are the nights I spent having dinner with my best friends family. There were so many stories we shared with her parents about school and our big ideas and we would almost always make each other laugh so hard we got excused from the table at some point. I am always intrigued by a great conversation.



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