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Jameson Dubliner (Model)

What Obstacles Are You Currently Trying To Overcome?

I am currently overcoming my financial stability to pay off my students loans to save up money to go back to school and earn my bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and eventually work my way to get into a graduate studies program to get my Master’s.

What Memory Instantly Makes You Smile?

Going to Ireland for the first time and getting to Cliff’s of Moher, which the place I’ve always imagined to be at in my lifetime.

What Are You Most Proud Of?

Completing two College diplomas in two different fields of studies.

What’s The One Thing That Should Be Taught In School That Isn’t?

We learn about various countries that are from Asia, but not so much in Europe. I think we should learn more about the traditionalist, western European countries such as, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, etc...

If You Had The Option To Know The Date And Circumstance Of Your Death, Would You?

I prefer to keep it as a mystery. I don’t need to know about the circumstances and date. It takes away the surprise of it all.

What Do You Think About Most Often?

There isn’t really one particular thing I think about when there are many things to imagine and think about when the world has so many things going on all at once.

What’s The Thing You Most Want To Achieve Before You Die?

Obtain a Master’s degree in Psychology, become a registered psychologist, spread more of a positive message on mental health in modelling, have kids, have a good stable income and travel every year to different countries.

What’s Something That Offends You?

Constant interruption from other people when speaking in a middle of a sentence, especially from those who are always have something to say, even when you are already talking about the subject and not given the chance to finish what it is you are wanting to say.

What Values Do You Think Are Critical To Communicate To Younger Men?

It is ok to show your emotions when you are feeling depressed. We as men are very stubborn when communicating about our feelings when a traumatic event has happened in our lives. It is ok to seek help. Take care of your brain and find healthy ways to vent out.

What Part Of Your Culture Are You Most/Least Proud Of?

I come from an Irish heritage background so having pride in what we do is what makes us proud in what we participate in.

So… having pride in ourselves makes me proud of my culture.

Instagram: @jameson.dubliner


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