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Improving Human Interactions Through Shakespearian Influences

Understanding human emotions has been studied for centuries with groundbreaking theories being uncovered, only to have a minuscule progress in the modern world due to external challenges that inhibits humans to promote meaningful connections. Shakespeare’s expression of the innate human emotion is unparalleled in his era that has transcended through contemporary times, but deeply decimated by the digital age that brought about the proliferation of hate speech and sub-moronic cowardice within social media platforms.

Shakespeare resonated to a generation through his romantic use of the Iambic Pentameter as he mimics everyday speech through his dialogues with rawness and auditory elegance. The emotions behind the lines is what connected us to his works as it innocently described human connection in all stages of life. Clearly, his influence is everywhere, from culture to the way we interact as he keenly expressed through his love stories to sonnets. Lexicons thoughtfully arranged to achieve a cadence that highlights the hallmark of humanity — which is the ability to promote meaningful connections. He captures the vividness of human interaction at its core, even the flaws that are often hidden.

In this digital age, human interaction has lurched a thousand fold as connecting to people has never been accessible and easier. As our cognitive brain is wired to embrace an advancement in connecting to others, taking advantage of its simplicity has undesirable consequence that dramatically shrink the quality of the interactions. He has an extraordinary ability in terms of understanding human’s though process.

What is lacking in modern human interaction is the thoughtful use of intuition, not every conversation is taken from our cognitive context but merely a myriad of extemporaneous barrage of loathing is destructive — this is transhistorical. Intuitions and emotions, one can argue, have the propensity to be dangerous when fused — but it’s an elemental component of being human that is crucial in making meaningful connections.

To fix such monumental blunder of technological advancements, our generation of selfie-brigade needs to go back and study the works of Shakespeare. His work has an endless capacity to be interpreted and deeply deconstruct. Shakespeare mostly wrote through the very lens of his characters, empathy to the fullest extent — not merely a sympathetic journey that can superficial. It’s an extraordinary feat and yet incredibly human - to be introspective and eventually share your perspective for a meaningful connection.


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