Hiking Halfway and Back

“The Mountains Will Always Be There”

It’s mankind’s greatest lie that we all reach our destination every time, it’s profoundly deceiving to preach that a mere step forward is all it takes. Your adventures are yours alone amidst the setbacks, detours, and fallbacks.

It’s okay to take a step back rather than to let societal decrees push you towards nowhere. You can take a million steps and they would not matter unless they’re yours.

The most dangerous thing about your traverse through your journey is your avoidance of steep and daunting crescents.

When you go for a hike, the goal is to summit. At least that’s how we’ve been told, no one hikes halfway and goes back. Seriously. We’ve been told that’s pointless. Again, “We’ve been told”.

The joy is in the hundred, tiny strides and when you look sideways to gaze at the spectacular view, you’re simply at peace. No matter what the path is, if there’s an ambivalence not ever worth taking the risk to, turning around makes sense.

There’s a certain acoustic melody that only the trees within the forest can compose, it’s therapeutic, healing that may be subjective but true nonetheless. The battle between hearts and minds, good vs evil is an absurd reality that is barely bearable but a breath of fresh air can remedy the sorrow.

You should let no one tell you otherwise.

The journey is yours and the mountains will always be there.

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