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Hannah, 19

1. If you could teach everyone in the world one concept, what concept would have the biggest positive impact on humanity? If everyone in the world understood how to be kind and respectful, the world would be a much better place. You don’t have to agree with everyone’s choices or beliefs, but the ability to respect your differences and coexist with each other would prevent wars, hate crimes, shootings, etc. that we see happening on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I don’t believe mankind is capable of doing this on our own.

2. What is the best way to train people to see the gradients in the world around them instead of just simplistic "this is good, that is wrong" view of the world? I can honestly say the bible does a good job of teaching those gradients even for people who may not be religious. If you read it through and through, you’ll find lots of good examples of viewing things on a case to case basis and how not every typical “bad” thing was done with bad intentions, and same goes for “good” things.

3. What is the biggest waste of human potential? I truly believe that drugs and excessive partying are a huge waste of anyone’s potential. Not only does it take up a lot of your time, money, as well as your physical and mental energy, but it just never will add any value to your life. Drugs especially are not worth it, even occasional use can permanently damage you and prevent you from ever reaching your full potential.  That’s not a risk that I’m willing to take.

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