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Dustin Dixon (Author)

Do You View Others As Supporting Characters In Your Story, Or Main Characters In Their Story?

I think everyone is the main character of their own story, although, inevitably, we all become supporting characters in other's lives. It is amazing how sometimes one small act can change the "plot" of someone else's story. The human experience becomes a mosaic of all the different characters you meet throughout your life and I think that is beautiful.

What Makes Words What They Are?

Words are everything to us. They shape the way we perceive the world in a lot of ways and are the basis for our rise to consciousness from the grunting animals we evolved from. Words have the power to lift people up, spark a revolution or, unfortunately, break a person down and negatively affect them for the rest of their lives. Language is magical and we must be careful in the use of those spells.

What Gives Life Its Meaning?

I believe the meaning in life is happiness. As I said before, rising to consciousness was a gift to humanity and we have the ability to feel elation and joy. We owe it to ourselves to pursue that with everything we have and to share it with one another.

Why Do We Create Art?

We create art, in all of its wonderful and various forms, as a way to express our many wonderful and varied emotions. Sharing these pieces of our deepest selves can illustrate for another person that we all feel and go through similar things. Connecting with one another is one of the pathways to happiness and the human experience.

What fascinates you about the Lord of the Rings book?

I will always have a soft spot for Lord of the Rings. It shaped my childhood and opened my mind to the fantastic possibility of the human imagination. In my mind, Tolkien stands up with Einstein and Tesla in terms of creativity and unbridled human genius.

How do you envision your author platform to be in the future?

I would love my platform to be a place of inspiration, community, and fun, where people can connect through fan fiction and healthy debates regarding the themes of my novels.

What is your inspiration/motivation behind your first book, The Unnaturals?

The idea originally came to me in a dream (I know that's cliche but its also true). I envisioned a world where humanity had blended together into one, thus eliminating the "Us vs. Them" mentality that has plagued our species since the very beginning. From there, it expanded upon itself to touch on notions such as religious fanaticism, climate change and the human experience. These overall themes forged their own story-line in a way that surprised even me. "The Unnaturals" wrote itself and I was just a vessel (cliche again but still true).

What’s Your Biggest Goal In Life Right Now?

My biggest goal in life right now is to get this story out there! I want people to be able to imagine a society with less division between us and offer a very plausible glimpse into the future of our species and our world.

How are you coping with the global pandemic?

I am doing okay. In Nova Scotia, the spread has fortunately been slow and I feel/hope that people are taking the threat seriously. I am kind of a homebody anyway so the quarantine has little affect on me. Lots of time to complete this book ;)

What Do You Fear For In The Future?

I fear a world in which the selfishness of the few destroy the happiness of the many. I fear our species destroying itself and the planet that we have been so fortunate to inhabit.


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