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Doua Hreiche (Writer)

If You Had To Sum Up Human Nature In 3 Words, Which Would You Choose?

Two-sided coin It is difficult to generalize the concept of humanity because it is complex and imperfect. There are humans influenced by the light and humans influenced by the darkness. There are humans who seek peace, and others who seek war. There are intelligent people versus ignorant people. It is a double-sided coin and whatever side you land on is a matter of choice. What Will Be Most Important To You In 10 Years? Mastering gratitude and mindfulness. I aim to be a happy and content soul in the world that I live in. And I hope to achieve happiness by embracing an attitude of gratitude and a mindfulness lifestyle. Are You Comfortable With The Role(S) You Play In Life? Most definitely. I am fortunate to play the role of an older sister to four younger outstanding and strikingly special siblings. I am an aunt to the most precious three nieces whom inspire me every day to be a better person. I am a daughter to immigrant parents who conquered many hardships in life and traveled across the world to create a better future for their children. And I am a friend to the most the inspiring people, who lead my example. What’s Your Biggest Goal In Life Right Now? My biggest goal in life right now is improving my physical health. I have been ill with ME short for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for over 5 years now. It has been a struggle receiving a diagnosis considering that ME is a misunderstood disease in the medical world. There is no cure or effective treatment for ME because science has just started to uncover the mystery of this debilitating disease. So at this point I am my own doctor. I am on a mission persistently experimenting with various supplements and plants, and hoping to find a combination of remedies that would improve my physical well-being. What's the societal implication of this quote that you wrote "She was beauty and she was the beast?" Society puts too much emphasis on women’s physical beauty and it is demeaning to women because women are much more than just physical. In this quote, “the beast” represents the strength of character inside every girl, and her force in society. The quote is saying not only she is beautiful but she is also powerful. How does your chronic illness affect your day to day life? ME has a very big impact on my day to day life. You see ME is a multi-system disease caused by an EBV virus. This virus causes the mitochondria cells, which create fuel in the body, to function less efficiently. This leaves patients like myself stuck on a 20% battery life. If I utilize the little energy that I have, my body will go into a crash and I would bedridden for days until the cells regenerate my energy levels.

Thus, in that case, every day I have to scan my power supply before I decide what activities to perform for the day. Every action I take needs to be thought and prepared for carefully. And whatever activities I decide to do, I need to make sure to take breaks in between, it’s like keeping your battery plugged in at all times to avoid any possible crashes.

In one of your Instagram posts, you said that "Your purpose in life is to align your energies with the universe and all else will fall into place." What is your message of encouragement to someone who is struggling with this idea? It’s alright to fall out of alignment sometimes, even experts in the law of attraction do. We can’t always be 100% in tune with the universe and the challenge is to retrieve every time we slip from our happy place. The effort that we put in the process of aligning is what makes the journey more fun and more worthy. So do not stress it, just enjoy the process of getting there and eventually you will. Why do you consider yourself as a "Rebel with a pen"? Well many of my poems are rebellious. They either challenge one to think outside the box or they protest the status quo of women. It seems that sometimes I intend to draft a hidden message in my pieces; either a political one or a cultural one. But other times I like to leave my rebellious nature behind, and just dwell on love and write about the marvelous universe we live in. How do you find cadence and rhythm with your words? What do you do when the flow of words is not there? If the words don’t flow I don’t push it. I just put my pen down and get busy doing other things. Basically I silence my mind until the ideas start to materialize into words. Poetry is an inspiration; somehow it feels like a connection with your higher self, you can’t force it if the connection is missing. All you can really do is silence the noise in your head and wait. How are you coping with this pandemic? This pandemic has changed very little in my life considering I’ve been in quarantine for 3 years due to ME. Before COVID-19 I used to stay home to save my energy levels but I would go out once every week just to keep my sanity. After COVID-19 I do not leave my home, not even for a doctor’s appointment. People are trying very hard to accustom themselves to this seclusion, but I have mastered the art of isolation and solitude long before Coronavirus surfaced.

Instagram: @doua.hreiche


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