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Davina Potratz (Selling Sunset, Netflix)

If You Could Ask A Single Person One Question, And They Had To Answer Truthfully, Who And What Would You Ask

I would ask Jesus Christ, why are we here?

What’s Something That Overwhelms You?

Other than having too many tasks or things on my to-do list, I think "not knowing" what will happen with certain situations has overwhelmed me in the past but I've gotten much better at trusting and comfortable with the unknown. Within the unknown lies all potential, also what you wish to happen so it's more exciting than scary to me now than in the past.

Thinking of the possibility of us being in a computer simulation or parallel universe of some sort can be overwhelming. Imagine if we were an alien ant farm experiment? Think about how many stars and galaxies there are... are we alone out here or are there ET's?

I would bet that there are far more advanced life forms out in the universe and we are rather basic in comparison. All of that is fascinating and mind bending to me. 

How Does Your Passion For Real Estate and Architecture Contributes To The Overall Development Of Society?

I feel that my extensive background in new developments sales has contributed to more people living in high rises and towers being built in Los Angeles.

How Does Creativity and Culture Applies To Your Work?

Creativity applies to my work as far as dealing with people and problem solving. Flexibility and openness allows for a fresh perspective. Culture on the other hand, can play out more in gender roles and how society expects you to behave. Women are definitely gaining more equality but alpha women are often still considered "bitches" while alpha men are considered "hot and confident".

On the same token, men who share their feelings are still often labeled as weak, when instead they should be praised for improving their communication skills. While we all have feminine and masculine energy we should accept people more based on who they actually are and not what we expect them to be. 

What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge In Life, And How Did You Overcome It?

One of the greatest challenges as been cervical fusion surgery at C5-6, I had many years of pain leading up to this and finally had the surgery in Dec 2013. We suspect the disc got damaged through years of beach volleyball. I meditated and visualized a successful outcome. It was very scary but I am so grateful to have made it through successfully. I also felt confident in my doctor and the research I made. 

What Inspires You The Most? 

What inspired me the most is art, nature, passion, authenticity, kindness and grace, especially in difficult situations, and when someone goes after their dreams with raw determination. 

How Do You Think The World Will Change In 15 Years? 50? 100?

I think that tech will continue to dominate the evolution of society in both good and bad ways. Things will be faster and better, health care will have major breakthroughs but interactions will also be less personal and intimate. At some point I feel that there will be a shift back to more of a human experience with a focus on connecting.

We will likely optimize our time better (for example have self driving cars so that we can do something else while in a vehicle) and I think that health/wellness will continue to be a priority along with the environment. I imagine the trend of home and air filtration, along with ambient lighting will become more popular and mainstream. Improved services and connections but most of all, time allocation.

What Do You Want Your Final Words To Be?  

Thank you for this beautiful life, I love you and I'll see you on the other side!

Instagram: @davinapotratz

Netlifx: Selling Sunset (TV Reality Series)


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