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Amidst the Pandemic, the World Demands for LOVE… and We Gave It.

We are living through a world-changing event rather than reading it from a history textbook — let that sink in for a moment. Generations from now, this exact moment in time will be studied by people on how we responded and transcended beyond the times — it will define our very existence.

2020 proves to be a year when Earth stood still, at least for most. 

It was a slow, lingering reset and the world seeks for L-O-V-E while humanity is being tested at the basic humane level. Some have failed and rise again, some got it right the first time, and most if not all are humbled, by a faceless mortality — chasing us like a long, forgotten dream turned into a anxiety-inducing nightmare.

Then we opened our eyes to witness a world at the brink of unprecedented (an overused word during the pandemic) anxiety and fear, we reach out and held closer, we cried, smiled in moments of panic and yet the capacity to reach for the stars is always a burning hope.

It’s hauntingly beautiful when we keep a sense of aspiration while being indoors, knowing the heavens above is still shining down on us. 

On top of mobilizing and injecting resources to the health care system, behavioral sciences plays a critical role in managing the global pandemic. A thorough understanding on people’s motives and insights are crucial in drafting public policies that will curb the spread of the infection. Governments all over the world needs this vital comprehension of people’s predicament and behaviors to alter it for the common good. World-changing issues require bold thinking and provocative decisions. 

Crisis communication is at the heart of calming a panicked populace. More than ever, empathy matters. People needs assurances that people in charge knows how they feel. The bottom-line is that in an unusual circumstance such as the global pandemic, it is not “Business as usual”. We’ve experienced monumental shifts before but this one is truly unprecedented and it brought about unique, imaginative ways to create and share. 

New norms and traditions were forged to fit with the times and a lot of the questions we’re asking now would need to have answers once the pandemic is over. From politics and leadership, workplace culture and industries, humanity and crisis management — people will demand for new norms and modern thinking, conservatives will be furthered ignored and deemed irrelevant if they continue to stick to dogmas and liberal would be expected, more than ever, to develop practical ways to austere solutions. 

This is the turning point to the human evolution and we’re in the early stages. 

Let’s start with healthcare workers, most have taken at an oath years ago or merely months and days before, now strung into the front-lines fighting a global pandemic equipped with little research and limited protective clothing but advancing with pure hearts and sincere intentions. We needed more of them, there is no such thing as a surplus of compassionate health care workers. Their state of panic hidden in the euphoria of chaos, fear turned into genuine sense of duty. 

An astute salute to grocery clerks, delivery drivers, transit workers, and the rest of the essential field workers. No oath taken and yet they have risen with courage consistently, for the most part, to ensure that their family are still able to survive while at the same time, stories of them looking out for seniors or disable people needing extra hand for food or other necessities. It’s beautiful, heartbreaking moments that are truly inspirational. 

Traversing and walking empty, eerie streets to ensure your mail and essentials are delivered at your door, defying inconvenience for our convenience. This road warriors such as food delivery, postal workers, truckers, and among others are the unsung heroes that keeps the world alive and made staying indoors possible. Supporting local is critical more than ever and albeit huge delivery companies taking cuts from their sales can be detrimental, it is also an opportunity to reach customers that they probably won’t otherwise.

The true faces of politicians and sense of humanity were ultimately exposed, we saw who are truly the altruistic ones and who sincerely understands public service from the entitled ones with destructive personal and party agendas.

The deaths are difficult to fathom but this is a shock-inducing, wake-up call for people to be self-aware and to take a moment to care outwards. I think more than ever, dreaming to reach for the stars without ignoring the struggles we have on Earth is paramount. We have far way too many issues to address here and these issues grounds us more than ever.

I believe that when good people and empathetic souls are in collective strength rather than far apart by mediocrity, is powerful than a singular, evil idea hell bent on reducing all of humanity to nothing.

If the pandemic thought us anything or continue to teach us for that matter, is that even ephemeral, grandiose aspirations can halt to a sudden stop, what matters the most are the connections we built from way back.

The air was filled with anxiety-inducing silence of empty streets and avenues, it seems like apocalypse transpired in a split second. All of a sudden, we are weary of an invisible foe reincarnated to physical manifestations of ignorant politicians and panicked leaders. It’s as if a simulation is transpiring to train or test us for the worse but at the end of the day, people showed that unity and love, caring and support are still hallmarks of humanity. 

The world will become a better place, but what do we do in the meantime?


- Ask your follow-up questions below, subject for editor approval. 
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