Community Guidelines

1. Wordcast Media is a social innovation platform for professionals, creatives, and all people from walks of life to share their raw experiences and perspectives.

2. Wordcast Media is a heavily curated platform by humans with background in social learning, dynamics, and humanities. 

3. Wordcast Media seeks people who are willing to share their stories and the importance of openness, honesty, and stories of vulnerability and their journey towards empowerment. The person's story is their own.

3. Wordcast Media allows honest and responsible sharing, therefore, readers can only submit follow-up questions in response to the content shared.


   - Wordcast Media does not allow reactions or comments either positive or negative to the stories shared, this is to protect and acknowledge the caster's rawness.

   - You can ask follow-up questions to facilitate discussions without discrediting the caster's own stories and experiences. 

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