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Resident Evil 4 PC HD Hi-Res Movie CutScenes Turbo Patch 1.1.7 (April-2022)




2013-05-26 - Wii version too! is the game's story taking place on a island somewhere between the Maldives and West Virginia? if you've seen the first version of the cutscene in the opening movie, then you'll know what is is all about... The name Evil comes from a word meant to describe evil things. Everyone has a shadow self. Some people use their shadow selves to help them be better, some use them for evil. Neither of the choices will actually change anything. The evil shadow self becomes your true self, and the good shadow self transforms into the persona of an enemy that will appear in the final battle. in the final battle you will be facing evil 2.0, your true self. He controls your true self from his dark shadow self, using your true self to lure you and trick you into thinking it's your shadow self. if you look closely, you'll see that a mysterious entity is watching over you in the first cutscene, and when the cinematic ends, it's gone. means that there's a "bearer" entity that will be protecting you from the devilish entity, who will be trying to "cheat" the battle (i mean that the devilish entity cannot kill you right away, instead it will lure you into thinking that your shadow self is the enemy). The "bearer" entity will not actually protect you. It will allow you to see the shadows and the "devilish" entity without actually harming you. it is a psychic entity that can see the "devilish entity", and can even see the shadows too. you cannot see it yourself. what the shadowy being represent, is the "bearer" entity, and what you see, is the demonic entity. the shadowy being will fight the devilish entity, and when it does, you'll be able to see it. in other words, you can only see it with the "bearer" entity. but, if the "bearer" entity would die, you'll be able to see the demonic entity too. the first time you play the game, you'll start facing the demonic entity in the first scene. you'll see the shadow, and the shadowy being will see the devilish entity. when you come to the island in the first cutscene, you can see the shadowy being standing on a cliff. the shadowy being




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Resident Evil 4 PC HD Hi-Res Movie CutScenes Turbo Patch 1.1.7 (April-2022)

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