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Do you believe people are inherently good? Or inherently bad?

I believe people are inherently human and with that comes contrasts of good and

bad. The existence of both gives a deeper clarity and appreciation for who you are in

the world, who you want to be and who you want to connect with at work and in your

personal life. Life would either be unbearably boring or exhausting if it were one or the


When you’re 90 years old, what will matter most to you in the world?

The same thing that matters most to me today - my son Bronco’s health and


Music continues to transcend any other medium in terms of inspiring and motivating people towards their passion and aspirations, what areas of the music industry that is critical to innovate to maintain this status?

Every area of music must innovate. There is always room for more innovation that

allows people to create, experience and share music.

What is your opinion about Vulnerability-based trust?

Is there any other kind of trust?

The internet revolutionized how we connect and interact with other people, as a

double-edge tool, it also proliferated bullying, depression, privacy violations, and gross misinformation. Do you believe that empathy is the future of the internet, by promoting platforms that allows people from all walks of life to have a space to share their raw emotions? Without the pressure of likes and gaining followers.

I hope empathy is the future of humanity and if it is then the internet will follow.

However, we are building AI now and with that comes the unconscious bias of those

who are building it which impacts how we engage with each other in the future. There

are many great spaces for people to share their raw emotions today and be supported

by empathetic professionals and community. Knowing when, where and what to share

publicly and privately will always be a challenge in real life and through the use of

technology platforms. 

What experience has caused you the greatest deal of pain? Are you still going

through it? How do you cope everyday?

The experiences where I added meaning to an event - where I used my own

thinking and feeling filters to tell myself a hurtful story about why something happened

or what it means as opposed to anything that has actually happened.

Marcel Duchamp said "I don't believe in art, I believe in artists." How can an aspiring artist in any field of creativity stand out in this era and go beyond the adage of "15-minutes of fame"?

Be good. Love what you do. Have a backup plan. Those rules never change. We

now have more tools and access than we ever have before to achieve our dreams

whatever they may be. Take the risk. Make the sacrifice. Be bold. Be courageous.

Believe in the impossible but allow for it to manifest in ways you can’t predict.

What is your message to the people who are not keen about the world they live in now and are overwhelmed by society's superimposition. How can someone build a world around them or will the whole world eventually offer itself up to you?