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Brand Discussion

Pricing | Brand Discussion

Brand Sponsorship: Banner advertisement on the main page = $350 for a month. 

Creator Package (basic)


- For 2 months and 1 month free, content is featured within the top 5 content in the Community Hub page including product links/website. 

- Content uploaded on the website for 6 months. Afterwards, content transferred to a dedicated Creator Page in the Community Hub Page. 

- 3 months feature on the main page content carousel for high-traffic. 

- Content is a behind-the-scene interview with the creator to showcase raw passion and creative process on the project. A behind-the-scene content provides a deeper connection with the product and audience. 


Creator Package (Deluxe)


Includes Basic package with two featured articles. Content posted for 1 year on the main page - content carousel. 


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